Business View Magazine Feature
May 2, 2024

Cornerstone Co-op Recognized for Sustainability Efforts by Business View Magazine

We are excited to announce this feature in Business View Magazine, a premier international digital publication known for its coverage of industry trends and best practices. The spotlight on Cornerstone Co-op by Business View Magazine underscores our cooperative's dedication to sustainability and its innovative approach to promoting eco-friendly practices within its operations. Recommended by the Recycling Council of Alberta, of which Cornerstone Co-op is a proud member, Business View Magazine recognized the cooperative for its leadership in sustainability.

See below for highlights. The full article is linked at the bottom of this webpage.

"At Cornerstone, success transcends profit margins. It’s about the familiar faces in aisles, the community projects funded, and the sustainable practices embraced. It’s about the joy of member-owners actively participating in shaping the co-op’s destiny, knowing that every purchase contributes to the collective well-being."

"Cornerstone Co-op was one of the first cooperatives established in 1919, at it’s first location in Mannville, Alberta. It held a pioneering role in the cooperative movement in the area."

"Picture the early days—a tight-knit community pooling resources for essentials like barrels of apples, loads of coal, heating fuel and meat lockers for fresh meat. It was about bringing vital services to central Alberta in a farming and agricultural environment that otherwise wouldn’t have access to these services."