Cornerstone Co-op Supports Local Schools Nutrition Programs
October 13, 2023

We are excited to continue our journey in supporting local schools nutrition programs!

Please see below for information on our current Bags for Breakfast Program, as well as other fundraising initiatives that are available to our local schools. 

Introducing our revamped Bags for Breakfast Program! We're excited to have your input in this journey!

We're in the process of re-branding the Bags for Breakfast Program and are eager to choose a name that reflects these exciting changes. We invite community members to be a part of this change and help us find a name that resonates with our mission. By participating in this contest, you're not only engaging with us but also making a difference in the lives of local children who directly benefit from the funds allocated to our Bags for Breakfast program.

In the past, our program involved donating 3 cents for each grocery bag sold, and 3 cents for each reusable bag that was brought in by customers, making a positive impact on our local schools. But times have changed, and so have we. With the phasing-out of plastic bags, we now contribute 10 cents from every reusable bag sold at our locations. Moving forward we anticipate that reusable bag sales will decline, therefore, the Bags for Breakfast Program requires new fundraising avenues and focus. We have three innovative avenues that will help us continue our mission. Moving forward, proceeds from Fuel Good Day, the Apparel Line, and reusable bags will be donated to the Bags for Breakfast Program.

Please take a moment to share your ideas & feedback with us! See image below for details.