April 11, 2023

This year to celebrate Ownership, we’re bringing back our Groceries to Gas program April 28 – May 22nd!

What does this mean? With a minimum purchase of $50 at any of our Cornerstone Co-op Food Stores, receive $2 off your gas purchase at any of our Cornerstone Co-op Gas Bars! Let your gas coupons pile up and use them all at once before June 1st!

Can’t use all your gas coupons? Donate them to a local organization to use! Pay it forward! Celebrate Ownership!

Cornerstone Co-op Food Store Locations:

  • St. Paul Food Store  3 5017 42nd Sreet, St. Paul, AB
  • Vermilion Food Store  5011 51st Avenue, Vermilion, AB
  • Wainwright Food Store  2502 14th Avenue, Wainwright, AB
  • Elk Point Food Store  4901 50th Street, Elk Point, AB
  • Dewberry Food Store  95 Main Street, Dewberry, AB
  • Mannville Food Store  5034 50th Street, Mannville, AB

Cornerstone Co-op Gas Bar Locations:

  • St. Paul Gas Bar  5005 42nd Street, St. Paul, AB
  • Vermilion Gas Bar  5136 50th Avenue, Vermilion, AB
  • Wainwright Gas Bar  2315 15th Avenue, Wainwright, AB