February 9, 2023

What if you could get as much top-tier fuel as you need at any time you want? Enough diesel to take an eighteen-wheeler to B.C. and back at 3 am on Christmas day?

Cornerstone Co-op’s Cardlocks give you, your farm operation or your company the ability to buy the fuel you need whenever you need it. Because you pay with your Cardlock card and fuel up yourself you don’t have to plan around opening times, because we buy in bulk you can trust our prices and because we’re a co-op, when you join our Cardlock program you’re taking an ownership stake in a co-operative that gives back to its community and 30,000+ owners.

Apply for your Cardlock Card today by one of the following 2 options:

  1. Personal or Farm Cardlock, Bulk fuel and credit application 
  2. Business or Corporation Cardlock card, Bulk fuel and credit application

Send completed forms or any inquiries to Credit Manager at

Phone inquiries (780) 645-3351 ext: 227

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