Our History
October 7, 2020

Our History
Each Co-op has their own version of how the local Co-ops started, but really all stores started off the same way. A group of neighbors and farmers got together and decided to pool their buying power and as a result, the local Co-ops was born.
Small groups held several meetings and decided to form their own businesses,
In the beginning years, the main activities of the groups consisted of buying various goods in large quantities and selling these items to their members at cost plus the transportation charges.
• Mannville Co-op started in 1919
• St. Paul Co-op was established in 1932
• Vermilion & District Co-op began in 1934
• Elk Point Co-op started in 1938
• Dewberry Co-op began in 1941
• Wainwright Co-op opened their doors in1944
• Mannville and Vermilion Co-op’s Amalgamated in 1966
• Vermilion-Mannville Co-op Amalgamated with Dewberry Co-op in 1967
• Elk Point Co-op amalgamated with St. Paul Co-op in 1967 Calling the Co-op St. Paul and District Co-op
• Vermilion-Mannville Co-op Amalgamated with Wainwright Co-op in 1968
• Name Change of Retail to Eastalta Co-op in 1969
• Eastalta Co-op amalgamated with St. Paul and District Co-op in 2017 to form Cornerstone Co-op.

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