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Who are we?
March 5, 2019

Cornerstone Co-op is the one of the most progressive and successful retail businesses in the area. Our operations will have annual sales of over $175 million.

It is our mission to Provide Outstanding Co-op Experiences that Connect our Members, Communities and Employees and to be the Leader in Co-operative Excellence and the Cornerstone of our Communities.

In the communities we live, work, and play, we are true genuine leaders of the communities we serve. We foster meaningful and rewarding careers with the ability to learn and advance. We are committed to evolving to stay relevant in the eyes of our owners by growing and investing in operations that provide a meaningful return. We support local charities & organizations each year. Our owners/customers feel at home as we bring our Co-op brand to life everyday through service, excellence and teamwork.

We are also a part of a Federation - Co-operative Retailing System (CRS) which is the 43rd largest company in Canada and employs over 25,000 employees. It is a unique network of more than 200 retails serving approximately 1.5 million members owners, in over 500 communities in Western Canada. We are proud now to be the 8th largest retail in the CRS that focuses on our Co-op experiences and pride teamwork, excellence, and brand.

Board of Directors
Cornerstone Co-op is a democratically controlled business. Members control the co-op through a locally elected Board of Directors: 

Clifford Martin - President

Terry Holmgren - Director

Cole Jackson - Director

Ron Boisvert - Director

John Trefanenko - Director

Don Zarowny - Director

Management Team

Graham Getz - General Manager

Kory Kralkay - Operations Manager

Brad Belton - Financial Controller

Dwayne Odgaard - Petroleum Division Manager

Dean Bardal - Consumer Division Manager

Mike Senger - Food Division Manager

Judy Grimwood - Senior HR Advisor

Karla O'Donnell - HR Advisor

Eric Kohlman - Health & Safety Advisor

Delmer Rinas - I.T. Manager

Janelle Faryna - Marketing Manager

Heather MacMillan - Community Engagement Coordinator

Dan Bojarski - Facilities Manager

Roland Melzer - Bulk Petroleum Manager